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Map of Europe with Sighisoara, Romania marked. VERITAS

Description (with picture links) of the relief work in Sighisoara with Romanians, Gypsies, and street kids.

Read about the work in Sighisoara. Once there, you can click hyperlinked text to view pictures.

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Click the Coke sign to begin viewing more than 80 photos of people and places in Romania.

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Find out about the "Studies in Romania" program by clicking on the image of the clock tower.

Read about the ENC / Romania studies program.


Click on the image to learn more about the Nazarenes In Voluntary Service program.

Find out about the Nazarene volunteer program.


Richard wrote about his experiences while living in Sighisoara, Romania. Click on the link to read his perspective.

Read Richard's personal upates.


Hear and download the Romanian national anthem.  Also, read the history of “Awaken Thee, Romanian.”

Read lyrics (in English) and hear the Romanian National Anthem.


Here are some great links to help you know more about Romania.

Visit the newly revised links page for more great Romania sites.
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