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Studies in Romania

Since 1992, Eastern Nazarene College has been offering students the opportunity to study and serve with the people of Romania by helping in a multitude of ways to meet the personal needs of individuals.

Students may enroll in the Romanian Studies Program for Fall Semester, January Term, Spring Semester, or part of the Summer and earn up to 16 semester hours of credit in the following areas:

Cross-cultural Service Learning
Each student spends fifteen hours a week in volunteer work, as well as reading and reflection on the dynamics for cross-cultural ministry. Many student volunteers care for abandoned children in state orphanages, others work with the elderly or street children, or teach English. Some have found opportunities to share computer and business know-how, used talents in music and art, or worked in radio.

Romanian Language and Culture
An appreciation for the rich history and culture of Romania is taught through group trips to areas of cultural significance. Plus, each student develops conversational language skills through study and practical experience.

Location and Background:

The program is centered in Sighisoara, one of the historic German cities of Transylvania which has a blend of Romanian, Hungarian, and Saxon culture with their rich traditions and distinctive architecture. Romania has suffered under 45 years of a harsh communist regime, years which devastated the country's economy, outlawed vital religion, crippled the cultural life and reduced most of the people to poverty.  The people of Sighisoara, like most Romanians, have lived a hard life by most western standards. But, there is a certain joy and privilege in living alongside these colorful people.

Students will:

  • learn how to survive living conditions less comfortable that they are used to.
  • learn how to adjust to a new culture and survive culture shock.
  • have the opportunity to use their spiritual gifts and abilities to help others.
  • be challenged to find ways to communicate their faith to Romanians who have had little opportunity to hear the Gospel.
  • expand their world view by making friends who have lived under communism and still have far fewer freedoms and choices than Americans do.

For more information, contact:

Dorothy Tarrant in Sighisoara, Romania
      Phone/FAX 011-40-65-774-696
      E-mail:  Send email by copying this address to your email program.

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