Volunteerism -- N.I.V.S.


Nazarene In Voluntary Service

     Volunteers who are able to minister with the Church of the Nazarene for an extended period of time are considered "Nazarenes In Volunteer Service" (NIVS). The NIVS volunteer generally assumes a responsible role or gives leadership to a program. The volunteer may teach school for a year, coordinate a ministry, or work to establish new systems and structures. It may be that he or she fills in for furloughing missionaries. In some instances, NIVS personnel have even opened new work.

     A longer deployment involves unique cross-cultural challenges for the volunteer. It will mean working with missionary and national leadership, dealing with culture shock, being separated from family, and possibly learning a new language. Therefore, it is necessary to have specialized training before and during deployment to sustain effective ministry.

Steps for volunteer service:

  1. Submit a Volunteer application and references to Nazarene Headquarters.
  2. Attend a VAT (Volunteer Assessment & Training) weekend.
  3. Obtain field leadership approval and placement.
  4. Obtain Volunteer Insurance coverage.
  5. Receive an NIVS Contract (renewable).

Look for more information at:  www.nazarene.org/wm/index.html

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